Sunday, June 28, 2015

Pendae Tours

Pendae Tours was established in 2010 to provide shelter to adventure tourists who would like to experience the unique natural and cultural aspects of Pendae Village in Nipa Kutubu in Southern Highlands of Papua New Guinea.

The firm’s mission is to create a sustainable and vibrant rural economy by developing and marketing tourism products in this remotest part of the region.
One of the oldest traditional cane bridge in Pendae Village of the Nipa Kutubu in the Southern Highlands Province of Papua New Guinea. The cane bridge is only the form of bridge used to crossed the fast flowing Waki River in Southern Highlands Province. Amazing water falls and wild life makes the region so unique for trekking especially for ecotourism.
At the Ambua Gap in Tari Hela Province for one day tour.Nice view blended with natural environment.